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Hi! I'm Trish, and here is my story. I'm so happy to share it with you and hope to see you in the store soon!

For most of my working career I have been employed in the banking industry. About seven years ago, while at a local rock and gem show, I came across a beautiful stone called an agate. Each one was unique based on their individual shapes and colors. I immediately fell in love with them and bought a couple to make myself a piece of jewelry. Friends and family remarked on how beautiful the jewelry was and asked me where I got it. 

When I told them that I had made it, they couldn't get over how beautiful it was and suggested that I sell them. I enjoyed making them so much that I took their advice and brought them to a few stores in Connecticut and they seemed to be a hit. From there, I expanded my line with agate nightlights, wind chimes, bottles, stoppers, and more. 

While on vacation in 2016, my husband and I were rear ended by an impaired driver. We were very lucky that day as it could have resulted in a much worse outcome. While home healing, I soon realized that after having an experience like that, you look at things differently. So I left my corporate career and thought about what I really wanted to do. 

While in downtown Naugatuck, my husband, Jim, and I saw this cute little store that was for rent. I joked with Jim and said, "This would make a great store to sell my creations." 

To make a long story short, my dream came true and that is when Trish's Treasures was born. We carried handcrafted goods from over 40 local artisans. I was there for just a year when I realized that I needed a bigger store! We have so many talented artisans here in Connecticut! 

The hunt began for a new location, which is when we discovered a quintessential New England downtown area in Seymour, with small shops including restaurants and antiques. 

A perfect storefront was available for rent and we knew we found a new home for my store. 

Because downtown Seymour is on the Connecticut Antiques Trail, the only change I made was to drop the Treasures from the store name and called it Trish's. 

After only a few months in our new location, Fox 61 (read it HERE) did a news spotlight on our store, which not only brought in additional artisans, but customers from all over Connecticut. 

That brings us to today. We now carry the creations of over 60 artisans in the store!

I love being able to feature the works of so many talented artisans. I truly love my job!

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